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BLACK LABEL image party allows you to find your own image here, allowing you to be wild and willful in the music and atmosphere. The powerful style is being broadcast

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Exhibition of co-branded dolls by domestic and foreign artists│Check-in points│Space exhibition│DJLiveshow
Various alcoholic drinks and soft drinks│Interactive clothing hand-making experience

Here you can experience the trendy style, enjoy the party atmosphere, check in and record every kind of self. Tonight, you can be willful and rebellious. Here, you can have more than one look!

NON Party Limit Edition

from 2046
BLACKLABEL redefines self-labeling from a future perspective to empower every soul who longs to be seen here,
Wearing clothes gives you the right to give meaning to your style

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Charity bidding for art dolls

Combining the creation of dolls by contemporary trendy artists

The exclusive limited edition doll is a cross-border collaboration between four trendy artists and the brand to integrate art into the trend, with an attitude that is not limited to the world. "Start from art and bid for public welfare."
Part of the proceeds from this bidding will fund the purchase of art supplies for the "Waiting Baby Association - My Art Museum Course" activity, so that beauty and art can be
Get closer to every child waiting for home

Current bid $18,000

Bid increase by $1,000

Mr.likey-Donut Bunny


Donut Bunny

28.5 cm


creative ideas
Mr.Likey used his favorite element "donut" as the creative concept for this creation.
In line with the theme of this charity event of using art to help children, we hope to bring sweet visions to children through colorful donuts.

Donut Bunny
Mr. Likey used one of his favorite elements
"Donut" as his idea for this creation.
It's in line with the theme of this charity event which helps children with the art,
hoping to use colorful donuts brings sweet vision to children.

Artist introduction
Instagram: @mr.likey

Mr. Likey graduated from the University of the Arts.
Moreover, his works have won the "Gold Key Art Award".
Mr. Likey's works are deeply influenced by American cartoons and street culture, and he is good at recreating different trend symbols into new works of art.
He has participated in exhibitions in New York, Australia, Shanghai and other places.
He has also held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taipei and the Philippines, and was invited to be a special exhibition artist at the 2019 Shanghai Fashion Culture Expo "Innersect".
In addition to paintings, Mr.Likey is also a columnist for the trendy magazine KIKS.

Growing up in the United States, Mr. Likey received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of the Arts and his work was awarded the “Gold Key Art Award”.
Influenced by cartoons and street culture in the US, Mr. Likey is famous for his exceptional ability to recreate new art pieces with pop cultural symbols.
Mr. Likey has participated in numerous exhibitions in New York, Melbourne, and Shanghai.
He also did his solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Taipei and Philippines before.
More than that, he was invited to be the featuring artist in "Innersect" expo at Shanghai and being columnist at KIKS magazine as well.

Ahot Jay-Jackie

Ahot Jay


28.5 cm


creative ideas
Ahot Jay thinks Bunny Bomb is the embodiment of cuteness and weirdness.
So he thinks orange symbolizes liveliness and is the most suitable color for Bunny Bomb.

Black graffiti is used to express the imagination of Bunny Bomb’s character.

Bunny Bomb is a lovely and wacky character.
So i thought that the perfect color for Bunny would be orange,
and the black pattern was expressed by imagining Bunny's personality.

Artist introduction

Jay is a visual artist in Seoul who is good at deconstructing art with digital illustrations. He believes that art exists in children's eyes and should be intuitively understood and felt by the senses. Only by using relaxed and interesting visual art can the public be more accessible. aesthetics.

Jay shortens the distance with the public through his works, allowing visual art to return to the original, friendly and sincere

As a visual artist from Seoul, Jay is good at using digital illustration to deconstruct the arts.He believe where the arts survives is in children's eyes, it shouldn't be packed or explained fancifully,but understood directly, felt through senses.Easy, funny visual art is the way to bring people close to aesthetics.

Through art works, relationship between Jay and people becomes much closer, let visual art return to the begin, be kind and be true.

Thales- No Face Bunny


No Face Bunny

28.5 cm


creative ideas
Faces are not the most important thing to me, I usually replace them with towers,
This time, I chose to blur the tower and cover my eyes with fluorescent yellow.
Did you see the hidden middle finger? ! It is an expression of my loyalty to myself.
There is always a way to solve everything.

Faces are not my thing, I usually replace them with towers,
this time I decided to just blur them by covering the eyes
with neon yellow. The middle finger finding its way?
! Is kind of my expression of staying true to what I do.
Always find a way

Artist introduction
Instagram: @thalestowers

Thales, who comes from Israel, is good at "tower figures"
To interpret street art in his eyes.
He is not only an artist, illustrator, and advertiser
He is also a street artist who is good at interpreting old school cartoons and skateboard culture.

TowerBob is Thales’ favorite cartoon character.
TowerBob can often be seen in his skateboarding works.

The ART STREET SLIPS project is the maximization of his street art.
Make art accessible to more people,
Smile more every day,
It is the artistic value of Thales' belief.

Thales, an Israeli artist,
performs the way he saw street art with "tower figures".
He's not only an artist, illustrator, and advertiser,
but a street artist who is good at old school cartoons
and skateboarding culture expressing.
TowerBob is a cartoon character that Thales like the most,
it shows on his skateboards very often.

The ART STREET SLIPS project is Thales' great achievement
of street art,which let people close to the arts more and
more."Smile more in the daily" ,
that's the faith Thales believes in the arts.

Will Blood - DiscomBOBulated

Will Blood


28.5 cm


creative ideas
Using my favorite color palette, the lines and aesthetics are broken down from popular characters.

Used my favorite color pallet and broke down the line
and aesthetics from a popular character

Artist introduction
Instagram: @iamwillblood

"Feeling of electric shock"
Perhaps you would describe Will Blood's work this way,
Those indescribable goosebumps.

From Brighton, UK,
Will Blood As a contemporary artist,
I was once invited to collaborate on custom-made shoes for Vans’ 50th anniversary.
I often use some Creepy elements,
Combined with innocent and cute objects,
The collision creates works of conflict and harmony.

Growing up in the countryside, insect dissection and biological deconstruction became the nourishment for his future creations.
His works are extremely detailed and have strong appeal.
Every stroke and every stroke is his subtle insight into life.
Create interesting and entertaining works,
This is the original intention of Will Blood's creation.

"chemical feeling"
You will say that if you saw Will's works, perhaps.
That's the feeling which can not be described.

As a modern artist from Brighton, UK,
Will had been invited to design customized shoes
for VANS 50th anniversary.
He often draw inspiration from creepy elements,
combine with innocent objects,
and create some conflict but harmony works

Grown up in suburbs,
insect anatomy and structural biology become the nutrient of his creation.
His painting is so meticulous and
with great infectiousness at the same time,
which basic on his observation about daily life.
Creating the interesting and fascinating arts
is the faith that Will always trust.

Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC - Dope Smoky

Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC

Dope Smoky

28.5 cm


creative ideas
The thick smoke from the magical herbs gathers into clouds and turns into the colors of the earth, healing this increasingly depleted earth.

The swirling smoke from the miraculous herbs formed into clouds,
became the color of the earth, healed this gradually exhausted planet.

Artist introduction
Instagram: @atpc.one

Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC
Self-proclaimed as a street culture creation unit, starting from the love of street subculture and art,
Then he used the spirit of punk to do it himself and started to practice, from graffiti and sneaker creation to toy painting and design;
Cooperation with major brands from Nike, adidas to Marshall,
Giving everyday things an innovative look and creating cool things is our mission.

Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC, known as a street culture creation unit with enthusiasm about street subculture. They started doing graffiti,
sneakers creation, toy painting designing with punk style "do it yourself".
ATPC keeps the faith in bringing new style for daily life and creating cool stuff, that faith lead them to work with some top brands such as Nike, Adidas and Marshall.