Founded in 2020, "Black Label" is the highest level display of brand craftsmanship. Under the name BLACK LABEL, we convey our emphasis on high quality. Regardless of printing, embroidery, and fabrics, they are all subject to high-standard control. "EST. 2046" symbolizes the brand's core concept of coming from the future and looking at the world. Its style integrates street elements and urban functions, and reorganizes and deconstructs multi-element media to create a full-featured daily life suitable for various environmental fields. clothing.

cynicism. Peel off the label
"Cynical" is no longer synonymous with contempt, but the spiritual indicator of the new generation. It may seem out of place, but in essence it means to remain casual and free in life, break through the unspoken rules of social values, break those subjectively defined clothing frameworks, and tear apart Follow the secular labels on clothing and create your own unique style.

" Life is a set of games, if you already joined, then have fun with it, why so serious? "