Mid-length paratrooper M-51 washable waterproof jacket

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Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: washed navy/washed army green
Inspired by the M-51 military jacket, which was born in 1951 during the Korean War, hence the name;
At that time, the battlefield of the U.S. military shifted from the tropics to the frigid zone.
Hence the creation of this cold-resistant military coat.

The hem length adopts a mid-length design.
It is made based on the common body length and leg length ratio of Taiwanese people.
Break away from the common thinking of long coats,
Taking into account both design and practicality.

There are a total of seven layers of pockets inside and outside, a paratrooper harness, and a storage-type hood with multiple ways of wearing it.

#Japanese-style washing process
#waterproof processing
#suitable for Taiwan body type