ATG-V15 2-Way Vest

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg wear F
Rongyu 174 / 50kg wear F
Ingredients: 100% Polyester
COLOR: space gray

Ingredients: 80% Polyester 20% Cotton
COLOR: fern green
Since the product fabric is exclusively developed, the total number of styles is limited to fifty pieces while supplies last.
To make this product, we use exclusive material,
so there are only 50 pieces for sale, please purchase it ASAP.

This season’s limited edition “ATG-V15 2-Way Vest”
Inspired by daily commuting, combined with the functional characteristics of the backpack, the multi-fold origami design presents a three-dimensional stretch

When the quick buckle at the waist is unfastened, the pockets will naturally hang down, and the neat lines will appear after being fastened. Various fastening methods can be used to fine-tune the shape according to the user's use.

The visual outline of the back is inspired by the wing lines of the F-15, known as the "best fighter jet in the world". The inner side is inlaid with a three-dimensional honeycomb breathable pressure-reducing back pad.

Polymer honeycomb mesh design reduces the pressure on the contact areas between the vest and the human body. The high-strength bearing capacity enhances the comfort of the upper body and provides a cooling channel for the back space.

The double-layered pockets on the front are extremely practical. The external tactical pockets improve functionality and visual appeal. The double-layered pocket design provides additional storage and concealment.
The functional fit fabric developed in cooperation with major international manufacturers has excellent functions of being water-repellent and windproof. The high-density gauze structure improves the overall wear resistance.

⊗NIFCO fasteners ⊗Japanese-standard YKK zippers ⊗Brand identification woven label ⊗Double-layer three-dimensional back storage space ⊗Side pockets with hidden interlayers ⊗Patented polymer honeycomb functional fabric