Bunny Bumb BK Brand Doll-Outlaw Rabbit

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Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC was founded in 2006 by a founder who loves street culture and artistic creation. He is good at presenting works by hand drawing and combining punk, street, camouflage and other elements. His works include customized sneaker modifications, store wall designs, and street graffiti. It even opened a customized workshop at the Nike Design Center in Taiwan.

This ATPC uses the familiar Bugs Bunny as the prototype to design this cute and charming villain hidden deep in everyone’s childhood. In the face of a confused generation, a strong sense of contrast is used to shape the brand's original intention and cynical values.

Its name is "BUNNY BUMB"

There are 2 styles in total, namely obsidian black and ivory white. The obsidian black model is the original version. The ivory white model can be painted or left white. The bottom of the ears is made of iron-absorbing material and can be freely disassembled and assembled.

Material: 100% synthetic resin Size: Standing height approximately 29 cm
Outer packaging: length 31cm, width 23.5cm, height 13.5cm