AG-05 CHICHO Bermuda Balloon Shorts

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Rongyu 174 / 50kg for M
Ingredients: 100% C otton
COLOR: carbon black/space gray
The codename "CHICHO" is the balloon pants silhouette originally developed by the brand.

The curvature of the generalized balloon pants is improved to be more in line with the human body proportions and can extremely modify the lower body curve.

The version that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom perfectly modifies the leg curve. The neat pressure line on the front and the forks on the trouser legs create a sense of visual space and flexibility of movement. It simplifies complexity and is a must-have item for summer.

There are four front and rear pockets with deep left and right pockets, which conforms to the habit of modern people who do not like to wear bags when going out.

The brand's engraved metal buckle and iconic torn leather label give the pants a cynical brand spirit.

Adjustable and drapey straps can adapt to different waistlines. Belts can also be added to the ears to add matching.
The YKK placket zipper has a smooth feel and is easy to pull up.

Loose airy balloon pants silhouette, paired with washed tear-resistant pure cotton fabric.
The block pattern on the surface of the pants brings comfort and freedom of movement, adding a fluffy feel to the touch.

⊗ Loose silhouette ⊗ Multi-pocket design ⊗ Washed tear-resistant pure cotton ⊗ Japanese standard YKK zippers