BUNNY BUMB 2-WAY Balloon Shorts

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Rongyu 174 / 50kg wear S
Ingredients: 98% Cotton 2% Spandex

COLOR: space gray/ carbon black
Taking the BUNNY BUMB shape that we collaborated with the ATPC team as the design prototype, we combined it with the slim-fitting balloon pants style. Whether it is paired with shirts, T-shirts, or formal wear, it is very suitable for wide tapered trousers with a wide top and narrow front profile. The layered discount design makes the proportion more slim

"Artpeace Graphic aka ATPC" was founded in 2006 by a founder who loves street culture and artistic creation. He is good at presenting works by hand drawing and combining punk, street, camouflage and other elements. His works include customized sneaker modifications, store wall designs, Street graffiti even held customized workshops at the Nike Design Center in Taiwan.

The brand's engraved metal buckle and iconic torn leather label give the pants a cynical brand spirit.

The side cut pockets can be opened and buttoned to change the overall silhouette, adding more storage space in addition to daily commuting needs.

The waist strap design allows you to freely adjust the waist. It comes with trouser ears and can also be tied with an additional functional belt for added versatility.

This fabric is made of elastic khaki fabric, which is comfortable and skin-friendly, has a solid feel, has stiffness, breathability and stiffness, and will not feel stuffy after being worn for a long time.

⊗ Tapered pants with wide top and narrow bottom ⊗ Huge large pockets that can be opened on the side wings ⊗ Use Japanese standard YKK zippers