Box-cut waterproof safari jacket

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear L
Ingredients: 100% Nylon
COLOR: Obsidian Black/Desert Card
The loose BOXY (box-shaped) cut not only increases the user's activity space, but also uses a natural falling design to create a feeling of dropped shoulders.

The hunting suit was born in the 19th century by the British Army stationed in India. The design is extremely practical. The belt design of the hunting suit was changed to a striped drawstring to make it lighter. The original epaulette parts were moved to the chest and equipped with a total of eight pockets. They are equipped with magic felt functional pockets, pencil cases and hand pockets on both sides to meet pragmatism and storage needs.

The picture on the back echoes the main theme of the brand’s background this season:
The variable factors of "Cosmic Time Breakers" rapidly expanded when they traveled through the dimensional realm, causing the intermediary space to fall into an unstable state and create space-time cracks. According to the intelligence returned from the scene, the researchers tried to analyze the wave pattern to infer and drive TIME BREAKERS γ-005 to leave time and space. feasibility of cracks

"The pattern is exactly one of the images sent back to the mothership by γ-005 at that time."

Equipped with water-repellent functional fabric, the overall matte glossy elastic sleeves are windproof and rainproof when riding and walking, meeting the needs of urban commuting.

⊗ Box cut ⊗ Water-repellent fabric ⊗ Multi-pocket design