Slightly wide straight paratrooper pants

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Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Ingredients: 98% Cotton 2% Spandex
COLOR: shark gray, carbon black, light sand brown
Inspired by the parachute pants that were popular in the United States in the 90's, it has been modified into a silhouette that is more in line with urban functional needs. It presents a loose, straight silhouette with straight folds at the knees, creating a sense of visual weight during activities.

The multi-pocket design greatly increases the storage capacity. The three-dimensional pockets use the webbing elements in public-issue military work pants to add details and visual hierarchy.

The fabric is made of micro-elastic nylon fabric that is suitable for all seasons. It has good ductility during movement. It feels delicate and solid and has stiffness. The surface has a matte sheen similar to metal.

⊗Loose straight silhouette ⊗Multi-pocket design ⊗Branded custom engraved stud buckles