MOBIUS tailored modified BAGGY pants

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear L
Ingredients: Cotton 97% Spandex 3%
COLOR: shark gray/navy blue/carbon black
The loose tailoring of BAGGY PANTS shapes the main body contour, perfectly modifies the leg shape, increases leg space and enhances the visual sense.

Then the loop properties sampled from the Möbius strip are used in the leg buds and overall curve design to create multi-layered three-dimensional changes in the pants.

The elastic at the waist and back waist allows for easy control of various body shapes.

There are five pockets in the trousers, which are double-layered pockets on the left and right sides and rear pockets. The double-layered pockets on the left and right are composed of hand pockets and three-dimensional large pockets on the outside to fully meet the storage needs.

The fabric is a blended twill fabric developed in collaboration with Taiwan's world-class manufacturers. We are involved in the entire production process from yarn to fabric molding. It has a slight elasticity, is washable and not easily deformed, feels stiff, has good durability, is warm, breathable and comfortable, and can be worn in all seasons.

⊗ Made in Taiwan
⊗ Loose silhouette ⊗ Möbius curve design ⊗ Extra large storage space ⊗ Japanese standard YKK nylon zipper ⊗ Elastic design on the back waist