Kendo denim raw color pants

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear L
Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: Tannin Original Blue/Tannin Carbon Black

The elegant and loose drape silhouette of the Japanese kendo uniform is not only innovative in the silhouette, but also incisively and vividly displays the "heavy weight" in the fabric.

The three-dimensional pleat positions at the front and back are accurately calculated at the positions of the human body's knees and knee sockets, and the origami art that embodies Japanese aesthetics is integrated into the pattern.

Elastic waist allows easy control of various body shapes

Double-layer pocket design creates more storage space on both inner and outer layers.

The fabric is made of heavyweight original color denim, which is heavyweight and solid to enhance tactile feedback, has stiffness and practical wearability, and is durable and not easily deformed after being washed.

Recommendation: This model is a bit too big, please take one size smaller.

⊗ Twill raw denim fabric ⊗ Fluffy kendo silhouette ⊗ Double-layer pocket design