Cylinder wide-leg washed denim pants

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear M
Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: stone washed blue/tannin original blue

This model continues the silhouette of LBP21 kendo denim. In addition to maintaining a loose drape, it is different from the origami process of Japanese aesthetics. This design is based on the concept of a cylinder and is sampled from the Möbius strip. The nature of the ring is brought out by the budding of the original fabric. The curved knees that run through the entire front and back are designed with flexible folds to shape the overall shape of the item.
The combination of functionality and matchability is different from traditional flat open pockets. This model uses 3D staggered double pockets to not only provide more storage space, but also adds a front side pocket flap shape to enhance the style when using it.
The fabric is made of pure cotton with a comfortable feel, medium-weight 12oz denim, breathable, warm and of moderate thickness, and can be worn in all seasons.

In addition to the classic original color of denim, stonewashed denim is also available, which has been treated with stonewashing to make it visually more layered.

Recommendation: This model is a bit too big, please take one size smaller.

⊗ Pure cotton mid-weight 12oz denim ⊗ Moebius curve design ⊗ Double-layer pocket design ⊗ Extra large storage space ⊗ Loose silhouette ⊗ Elastic waist design