Antigenic fit overshirt

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Rongyu 174 / 50kg wear M
Ingredients: 68% Cotton 32% Nylon

COLOR: light card gray/military green/carbon black/space gray

The smooth arc cut is matched with discounts on the shoulders and back sleeves. When worn, it has a three-dimensional umbrella-shaped hem, creating an elegant and drapey feeling when walking.

The ingenuity of diagonal cutting of the cuffs and the double-button neckline design.
Easily show off the single-button neckline in a blouse style

The fabric uses a block pattern on the surface of washed tear-resistant functional fabric, which has excellent stiffness and weight, with a delicate cotton feel and three-dimensional visual feedback.
It brings comfort and freedom of movement. The fabric joints are equipped with double stitches to enhance durability and meet the user's needs for single wear or inner layering. It is suitable for all seasons.

⊗ Three-dimensional cocoon outline ⊗ Tear-resistant functional fabric ⊗ Matte strong press buckle