Functional hunting shirt

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Ming 180 / 60kg for XL

Ingredients: 100% Nylon
COLOR: Dark green brown/Zhangqing

The loose-shouldered tailoring and functional fabrics create urban functional items that are more relevant to modern people's lives.

Equipped with YKK Japanese gauge PLANCER®
It consists of the first matte exposed button and six hidden buttons, adding neat texture and ingenious details.

The straight-pull zipper pocket on the left chest provides storage space for cards and small items and enhances concealment. The storage pocket on the right chest has a pull tab at the bottom for hanging keys and small items. The functional left and right pockets are suitable for storage and hand placement. In addition to your needs, you don’t have to worry about items falling.

Made of 3M super anti-splash functional fabric, it feels smooth, has a solid feel, and has good breathability, bringing comfortable wearing feedback to the user. It is suitable as a single wear or outer cover, and can be worn in all seasons.

⊗ Japanese standard PLANCER® - YKK buckle ⊗ 3M super anti-splash functional cloth ⊗ Multi-pocket design