Eco-friendly functional hunting shirt

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear L
Ingredients: 100% Recycled Polyester yarn
COLOR: titanium gray/green
Functional Safari Shirt is the first environmentally friendly functional shirt of the year. It is made from yarn made from recycled PET bottles. This item is not only wear-resistant and practical, but also has excellent anti-fouling and waterproof properties. The fabric is light, stiff and comfortable to the touch. Sliding with a cool feeling

This shirt has simple and neat lines. It considers outdoor functions and daily life tailoring to balance pragmatism and functional design, creating functional features that are suitable for the city.

Equipped with several pockets of different sizes. Double-layer large-capacity three-dimensional pockets on both sides. The outer tactical pocket improves functionality and visual appeal. The inner pocket meets humanized hand storage needs.

Deconstructed hidden magnetic buckle flap inner pocket on the chest follows ergonomic pocket design to add style and practicality

The rain-proof silhouette on the lower back is presented in an arc cut, and the sleeves are extended throughout, giving the sleeves a distinctive layered change.

Using Japanese standard YKK PLANCER® buckles, they are solid and durable while still being lightweight and comfortable.

⊗Environmentally friendly fabric - 100% Polyester bottle yarn ⊗Contrast color deconstructed element splicing ⊗YKK PLANCER® fastener ⊗Select Japanese standard YKK zipper ⊗Made in Taiwan