basic long shirt

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Ming 180 / 60kg wear F
Ingredients: 97% Cotton/ 3% Spandex
COLOR: carbon black/ivory white
A must-have simple and basic shirt. The smooth arc-cut hem continues the consistent brand special tailoring. The umbrella-shaped hem of the sleeves creates an elegant and drapey feeling when walking.
This model comes with a strap, so it can be configured casually.
It can be worn directly on the waist or buckled on the inside. It can be worn in a wide range of styles. It is suitable for matching in any season. It can be worn alone without being monotonous.
The fabric uses a mixture of trace amounts of elastic fiber and cotton.
Soft and comfortable to the touch, moderate in weight, not heavy, light and thin, with a bit of stretch to enhance comfort during use

⊗Arc cut ⊗Drop shoulder style ⊗Light stretch fabric ⊗Waist rope strap shape