Different material box cut Tee

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Rongyu 174 / 50kg wear M
Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: shark gray, carbon black
The loose BOXY (box-shaped) cut not only increases the user's activity space, but also uses a natural falling design to create a feeling of dropped shoulders.

Side and rear splicing "tear-resistant military-spec fabric"
The reverse stitching design and folded back shoulders are used to create the three-dimensionality of the garment and a sense of air when walking.
The material is made of 30-count double-strand combed cotton and tear-resistant military-standard fabric. It is heavy-weight and has excellent breathability. It feels smooth and delicate. The texture is soft, durable, wear-resistant, and not easy to fluff. The ball has a loose and comfortable feel. , not stuffy for a long time

⊗ Box-shaped version ⊗ Reverse stitching design ⊗ Different material splicing