Field Shuttle Tee

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Ming 180cm / 60kg for XL
Rin 156cm / 43kg wear M

Ingredients: 100% cotton
COLOR: Titanium Gray/Desert Card
The variable factors of "Cosmic Time Breakers" rapidly expanded when they traveled through the dimensional realm, causing the intermediary space to fall into an unstable state and create space-time cracks. According to the intelligence returned from the scene, the researchers tried to analyze the wave pattern to infer and drive TIME BREAKERS γ-005 to leave time and space. feasibility of cracks

"The pattern is exactly one of the images sent back to the mothership by γ-005 at that time."

The overall shape is an arc-shaped silhouette with a short front and a long back. The exposed seams give it the illusion of an unfinished product. The beveled cutting lines are moved forward to create a three-dimensional stretch when traveling.

This model is made of heavyweight 32-count double-ply combed cotton. The overall feel and wearing feedback are smooth and delicate. Under the heavy weight, it also has excellent breathability and will not be stuffy for a long time. It will not be deformed after being washed for a long time.

⊗External splicing seams ⊗Bevel edge cutting line moved forward ⊗Short front and long back design