Time Breaker Instrument Tee

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Size Guide
Ming 180 / 60kg for XL
Rongyu 174 / 50kg wear M
Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: light card gray/titanium gray

The silhouette of dropped shoulders brings out this season's loose structure. The image on the back uses the "watermark method" with good breathability.
The concept of showing a natural mottled feeling while maintaining the elasticity and softness of clothing comes from the instrument "TIME BREAKERS γ-005" used by SS22 space timebreakers to travel through time.

The stitching on both sides of the front gives the shoulders an extra forward silhouette. The back panel can modify the collar stitching and support the back of the neck to prevent it from deforming.
The fabric is made of extremely fine double-ply yarn and fully combed cotton. The overall feel and wearing feedback are smooth and delicate. It has excellent breathability under the heavy foundation and will not be stuffy for a long time. It will not be deformed after being washed for a long time.

⊗Slightly dropped shoulder design ⊗Side cutting line moved forward
⊗Y-type antigen clipping line