Aggregation track Tee

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Ming 180 / 60kg for XL

Ingredients: 32s double-ply smooth cotton + 100% Cotton
COLOR: wax stone black/smoky sand
The image concept is centered around a circle and intertwined with signal lines representing noise. The irregular signals are liberated from the traditional framework, which means opening up the circuit of thought and exploring more unknown possibilities.
The new 23SS product inherits the silhouette of the previous dropped shoulders and continues the loose structure of the time. The brand's unique back panel can modify the stitching of the collar and support the back neck to prevent deformation. There is a 22FW theme on the lower back - Genesis "(בְּרֵאשִׁית)" embroidered words echo the season. changing theme coherence
The fabric is made of double-strand smooth cotton to enhance the comfort during use. It feels soft and firm against the skin and does not feel stuffy when worn for a long time. It is also not easy to deform after being washed for a long time.

⊗Slightly dropped shoulders ⊗Mottled water-printed paint pattern ⊗Back panel design