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Size Guide
Ming 180cm / 60kg for XL
Rin 156cm / 43kg wear M

Ingredients: 100% cotton
COLOR: Light white apricot / desert card/space gray
The overall silhouette has slightly dropped shoulders. The front paint pattern uses a highly breathable "watermark method"
Maintain the elasticity and softness of clothing while giving the text a natural mottled look

The threaded collar at the neckline is equipped with two needles, which is durable and anti-deformation. The back panel not only modifies the collar stitching, but also supports the fabric at the back of the neck.

The fabric is made of double-ply combed cotton, which has high stiffness, dense and solid feel. It is breathable under the heavy foundation and will not be stuffy for a long time. It will not be easily deformed after being washed for a long time.

⊗Slightly dropped shoulders ⊗Mottled water-printed paint pattern ⊗Back panel design