Astronomical anti-wrinkle function Tee

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Ingredients: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
COLOR: space gray, algae gray green, obsidian black
The loose fit is made of anti-wrinkle and comfortable fabric made by MIT, a Taiwanese manufacturer. The fabric has moisture-wicking properties and is more suitable for wearing in the mid-summer season in Taiwan. It feels smooth and has a moderate weight. The front maintains a simple and neat expression. The back is printed with images and color blocks. Astronomical map

Choose matte, low-saturated tones that can be easily matched with a variety of bottoms.

The arc-shaped cutouts on both sides of the front are brought into the side pockets, which greatly increases the functionality during use.

⊗ Moisture wicking ⊗ Made in MIT Taiwan ⊗ Low saturation color ⊗ Side insert functional pockets ⊗ Smooth and moderate weight feel