High loop fabric layer cut HOODIE

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Ming 180 / 60kg for XL

Ingredients: 100% Cotton
COLOR: algae gray green, carbon black, shark gray
The three-dimensional embroidery on the front pocket is this season's "Re-Genesis". The words have a light gloss and excellent detail texture.

The fabric splicing in the center of the back connects from the center and extends to the shape of the hat to create an overall layered look. Large threaded sleeves and hem add elasticity and comfort.

The fabric uses specially developed "high loop cloth"
Compared with the common terry cloth on the market, it has a more solid thick yarn structure, feels soft and skin-friendly, and has good stiffness and heat storage effect.

⊗ Genesis three-dimensional embroidery ⊗ Multi-layered fabric splicing ⊗ Brand independently developed fabric-high loop cloth