101st Airborne Division paratrooper pants

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product description
Ingredients: 100% Nylon
COLOR: Space Gray/Ink Iron Gray
The trousers have an improved design based on the structure of special tactical trousers. The overall shape is a loose straight silhouette. The unique streamlined oblique side folding line adds a sense of weight and layering to the overall visual appearance of the trousers.

The reserved trouser ears at the waist and functional buckles allow wearers of all body shapes to easily control the zipper at the trouser leg. When pulled upward, it can give it a slightly flared silhouette.

This trousers style has six pockets in total. The front hand pockets are combined with elastic webbing to enhance durability and stretchability. Zipper pockets on both sides are patchwork to enhance storage and concealment. The rear pockets are combined with the upper edge contour line and are designed on both sides. Reinforcement

This material is a windbreaker fabric with a solid texture and high hand feedback that can be worn in all seasons.

⊗ Using Japanese standard YKK nylon zippers ⊗ Zippered tactical pockets ⊗ Adjustable waist