Improved tactical rain smock

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Ming 180cm / 60kg for XL
Rin 156cm / 43kg wear M
Ingredients: 97% Cotton 3% Spandex
COLOR: light sand brown/titanium gray
The loose-shouldered stand-up collar design uses different-color splicing of different fabrics to enhance details and visual presentation, fully embodying the cynical brand gene.

The straight-pull zipper pocket on the chest provides storage space for cards and small items and enhances concealment. The double-layer pocket on the waist consists of a flip-type three-dimensional pocket and an inner hand pocket.

The color matching design of the outer layer echoes the color matching of the outer back cover of the back to create a rich layering of clothing.

The fabric is made of fine grid texture. The block grid pattern on the surface of the windbreaker cloth has stiffness and a good sense of weight. It is dense and close to the skin.

⊗ Stand collar design ⊗ Different color stitching ⊗ Block plaid