Time Breaker Track Tee

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Ming 180cm / 60kg for XL
Rin 156cm / 43kg wear M

Ingredients: 100% cotton
COLOR: carbon black/green/titanium gray
The version has a slightly dropped shoulder silhouette to create a slimmer look. The shoulder is folded and reinforced to prevent the dropped shoulders from deforming.

22ss CAMPAIGN "ANTIGENERATION" is embroidered on the front. The pattern on the back of the embroidered words is the trajectory of "Cosmic Time Breaker", which is presented by overlapping three-dimensional embroidery and printing.

The fabric is made of double-ply combed cotton, which has high stiffness, dense and solid feel. It is breathable under the heavy foundation and will not be stuffy for a long time. It will not be easily deformed after being washed for a long time.

⊗Three-dimensional embroidery design ⊗Slightly dropped shoulder style ⊗Solid and heavy material feel